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School Photo Day

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I find out about photo day? 

1. A picture day flyer will be sent home from school, around a week before photo day. 

2. We post photo dates for our schools on our Facebook Page

3. Your school may send out photo day information electronically or on their website

4. Check the date at our event day locater HERE

What if my child misses photo day?

Most schools choose to do a retake day. If your school chooses to do one, and you have already placed an order, you do not need to do anything. Your order will be automatically transferred to the retake photo. If you have not placed an order, please use the new RETAKE photo day code that the school will send out prior to retake day. If your child misses the original photo day AND the retake day we can take the photo at our studio. Please call us at 607-756-0849 or we can refund your order. Either way, please contact us.

What if I don't like the original image?

If you do not like the image, for any reason, please return your package on retake day and we will retake and reprint your package at no additional cost. Please note, the package WILL NOT be reprinted if the original package is not returned.  If you do not like your images after retake day and do not want to come into our studio to retake it, we will refund your package on return of your photos.

What if I want to purchase just an 8x10?

Flyers are available in the main office for anyone wanting to purchase one 8x10 or one item. You can also order by calling us at 607-756-0849 and we can take your order over the phone. Please note we keep all photos for 18 months after photographing. You may purchase them at any time during those 18 months. 

What if I want to do the family plan? 

Our family plan consists of purchasing TWO of the same student packages and getting any additional children free. They must be in the same immediate family to qualify. Please purchase the packages and styles for the first two children at , then fill out the enrollment form HERE. We will place the order for your free packages for you. You just need to order two and fill out the form. We take care of the rest.  Please note: This is only for school photos - sports photos do not qualify. 

What should my child wear for photo day?

We recommend wearing solid colors for photo day. Your child is the star of the photo - avoid logos, slogans, writing and big patterns. On picture day our staff will offer to help straighten collars and check posture. Please note: If a child does not want us to assist them by fixing a hair or clothing issue. It is our policy to show them in the mirror. If they still decline we take the photo as is. We respect their decision to not fix the issue and if needed we have retakes.

How do I order photos after picture day? 

3 - 4 weeks after picture day, every child will receive a proof of their image with a unique password. You can order up to 3 years after picture day. Please note: If you preorder your photos are sent bulk for the school to disperse. If you order after picture day, there is a shipping fee and your photos will be delivered to your house. 

Can I get a print release for my child's photo?

If you purchase the digital download, you will receive a electronic print release. This allows personal use print reproduction up to an 8"x10" size. The original image remains the property of Isaf - Merkur Studio. All copyright remains in effect.

Why is there a shipping charge after picture day?

We partner with a lab in Missouri to print your photos. After picture day, each customer that orders will need to have their order shipped from our lab to your house. Don't want to pay for shipping? Preorder before picture day! We have a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

Why is the code the school sent not working?

After picture day each student receives a unique access code, for the safety and security of the children. Please look on the proof sheet sent home for your child's access code. If you can not find your child's code, you can email us at or enter the form HERE.

How do I pay if I don't want to use a credit card?

Who takes the photos? 

Our team of three photographers go to every school and photographs the students at that school. Your child will be photographed by Dana Merkur, Samantha Brown and/or Allison Merkur. Our employees have years of experience and enjoy photographing children. 

Extra flyers are located in your school main office for you to fill out and pay by using a check or credit card. You can also stop into our studio, before picture day, and pay during our business hours. 

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