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Please allow 3-4 Weeks for your photos to arrive AFTER you order.

 Click your event below: 

Bright Horizon Cornell Child Care 

Cornell Bright Horizons-30.jpg

St. Paul Nursery School

St. Paul Monday Class-3.jpg

TC3 Child Care Center

Childcare Set-1.jpg

Cincinnatus School District

Cincinnatus Central School.jpg

Cortland Christian Academy

2023FIMStyle_-27539 copy.jpg

DeRuyter School District

2023FIMStyle_-27535 copy2.jpg

Homer School District

2023FIMStyle_-27527 copy.jpg

Northwood Elementary School

2023FIMStyle_-27513 copy.jpg

St. Mary's School 

2023FIMStyle_-27508 copy.jpg

Here We Grow

Childcare Set-1.jpg

SUNY Cortland Child Care Center

SUNY Cortland -16.jpg

Beaver River School District

2023FIMStyle_-27515 copy.jpg

Cortland Alternative School

2023FIMStyle_-27511 copy.jpg

Cortland School District

2023FIMStyle_-27551 copy.jpg

Groton School District

2023FIMStyle_-22868 copy.jpg

McGraw School District

2023FIMStyle_-27558 (1) copy.jpg

Seven Valleys New Tech Academy

2023FIMStyle_-27512 copy.jpg

Truxton Academy Charter School 

2023FIMStyle_-27510 copy.jpg
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